Image Annotation

Accurate image annotation is the basis of any good machine learning model. Our image annotation team is already working on multiple projects that deals with complex annotations, directly feeding exciting new AI algorithms.

Tagging & Categorization

Tagging all your products, videos, reviews, and user generated contents can quickly become a chore. We have an excellent team that is well versed on this process, and ready to deploy on your notice.

Data Entry

Our data entry teams are integrated with quality assurance processes. We have been providing this data entry services to a wide range of industries.


Digital Transcription

To ensure that we provide you with accurate transcription we use a combination of tools with human data entry. Our QA team finally checks all transcriptions before we hand it over.


Transcribe all your receipts, invoices, POs into your accounting system to take your company to the digital now

Audio & Video

Transcribe all your audio and video contents to make your minutes into actionable items